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Find out about all the free services EURAXESS provides to researchers and employers. You can save time and money by using more than 260 EURAXESS Centres around Europe to help you with a range of issues including visa requirements, work regulations, taxation and social security.


The Icelandic housimg market is quite different from the other Nordic countries. It can prove to be a challange for people coming to the country to find a suitble accommodation at affordable prices. Here you will find some information about the Icelandic housing market and helpful links. 

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You will definitly need a bank account if you are living in Iceland. You will need some place to recieve your salary payments and handle your finances. Here wyou will find more  information about banking in Iceland that hopefully are useful to you.

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Here you will find information about family matters, such as the Icelandic school system, daycare for children, maternity/paternity leave as well as other family related information and useful links. 

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Entry conditions

Find out more about the conditions of entry into Iceland

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Healthcare upclose

Health Care & Health insurance

Find more information about the Icelancic health care system and health insurance.

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Culture and language courses

Find more information about how you can access the culture of Iceland and language courses.

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Hands-on Help with the Paperwork

EURAXESS provides practical support to researchers as they relocate for work. Through the EURAXESS Centres, EURAXESS also helps employers save time and money by assisting new employees with the move abroad.



Find more information about unemployment rights  in Iceland

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Taxation / Salaries

Find more information about taxation and salaries in Iceland

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Work permits

Find more information about work permits in Iceland.

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Intellectual Property Rights

Find out more about IPR in Iceland

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Pension for Researchers

Find more information about pension for reserachers.

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Graduation Diploma

Recognition of Diplomas

Find more information about the recognition of diplomas.

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Career development

Find more information Career development in Iceland.

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Researcher mobility can improve a career in research. Make the move and discover the wealth of opportunities on offer both inside and outside Europe. EURAXESS Centres and EURAXESS Worldwide are on hand to offer expertise and advice to facilitate your move abroad.


Departure Conditions

What should you do before leaving?

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Newspaper Job section

Job Opportunities

Click here to search for job opportunities.

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Funding opportunities 

Click here to find search for funding opportunties. 

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