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Pension for Resarchers


There is now also a special European pension fund designed specifically for researchers, which is transferrable as you move around Europe in your scientific career (as long as you work for participating institutions). This has been set up on the European Commission's initiative, and is called RESAVER. Details of the RESAVER scheme can be found here.

Pensions in Iceland. 

Those who work on the Icelandic labour market accrue pension rights through pension savings. Pension fund payments must be applied for. Application forms can be obtained from the various pension funds. They are also available from the websites of the pension funds, or they can be received through the post.

  • It is sufficient to apply for a pension from one fund, although contributions have been made into more than one because most pension funds are members of an agreement that provides for the transfer of premiums between different funds.
  • All pension funds can supply information concerning the funds into which any individual has contributed during his or her lifetime.

Supplementary pension savings

  • Supplementary pension saving is a unilateral saving scheme, whereby wage earners can save a portion of their wages by depositing them into a special account, and then receiving a reciprocal employer's contribution.
  • The payment of a supplementary pension can start at the age of 60 or later, and it is paid out in equal instalments until the age of 67, or later if you so choose.

Information about the Icelandic pension system can be found here.