Beint į leišarkerfi vefsins

For incoming researchers

If you are a researcher planning a stay in Iceland, 
these paged will help you find information about living
and working in Iceland.

If you require any additional information or personalided
services about the following topics, don't hesitate to
contact our staff

  • accommodation
  • day care and schooling
  • intellectual property rights
  • language courses
  • recognition of qualifications
  • salaries and taxation
  • social and cultural aspects
  • social security, pension rights and healthcare
  • visas
  • work permits

  Our service is free of charge for researchers of all nationalities.

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The Icelandic Centre for Research
The Icelandic Government Information Centre
Intercultural Centre
Innovation Center Iceland
Norden - Official co-operation in the Nordic region - Gateway to Iceland
Multivultural and Information Centre
Eures in Iceland
Directorate of Internal Revenue
FP7 People Calls
FP7 People Co-funded Calls


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