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EURAXESS in Iceland

The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS)
hosts the national EURAXESS Service Centre
in Reykjavík, which provides various information
and personal assistance to mobile researchers
from all over the world considering Iceland as a
possible destination and Icelandic researchers
looking for opportunities abroad. 

RANNIS manages a national mobility network
which brings together all major universities and
research organisations in Iceland in matters of
researchers's mobility. 

If you are a researcher in search of job opportunities or practical
information about living and working in Iceland, don't hesitate to
contact the EURAXESS Service Centre:

EURAXESS Service Centre
The Icelandic Centre for Research - RANNIS
Borgartún 30, IS 105 Reykjavík

Tel. +354 515 5800 

Contact person: Kristmundur Þór Ólafsson

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